Brief introduction to AEAF Architecture (Shanghai) Limited Company


Our philosophy is to design top quality buildings and environment, which are both efficient and attractive. We rarely impose a ‘house-style’ or ‘landscape-mode’, but design the best solution for each individual project, whatever the site context, brief or building type. The result is synthesis of vitality and commercial viability. Our approach is to understand the local and national cultural/economic context of the clients brief, and through project-based research, combine this with our concern for an international diversity and richness within the project design. Our young team of architects and designers provide with us a firm professional base for producing innovative and memorable solutions to some quite complex requirements.

Our commitment to clients is total, right from inception to completion. We forge close working relationships: that’s the best way to get to the heart of the brief, and to realize it in the best possible way. Our high proportion of repeat business proves how well this works. Our office principles include the continuing education of our staff, mainly young people who originate from design department of university courses from throughoutChinato have a work- experience and cultural-exchange programme with our senior designers and foreign architects.

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